Friday, December 20, 2013

Day Two of Twelve Days of Christmas -- Stolen Stuff

So far, our Middle Son is the one who has had items stolen.  

A year ago last fall he had a team hoodie for cross country and the team sat outside at the high school near some bleachers and he took it off.  He said they went into the gym for 5 mins and when he returned it was gone.  But then he got it back!  On the very last day of school (which is warm as it was end of May and this is Georgia), he saw a kid who was wearing it in the hall.  My son approached him and said told the student that if that is a medium then that looks like my jacket.  And the student let my son look at the tag and saw it was a medium.  And then the student said, "Do you want me to take it off?"  And Middle Son said yes and it was given back to him.  On the very last day of school.

A couple months ago he went on a trip to Florida for cross country and stayed in a hotel room with three other boys.  I had given him some spending money and happened to have a lot of single dollar bills--I had told him to use those first to get rid of them.  One night after they had gotten back to the room he texted me to say "someone stole money from him and he thinks it was the hotel maid".  What happened was in the morning before they left for a day of activities he left all those singles (as in $28) in a stack on top of the TV.  (!!!!!!!!!).  I have no clue why he thought that was better than in his duffel bag or on his body......but then I explained to him that she didn't steal it.....he left it out as a tip! 

Last month he went with a friend to a public skatepark and the other boy's mom drove he is 15 and can't drive yet and has a permit to drive.  It doesn't cost any money to skate there but they do have a snack bar in case you need....maybe $5 to have.  So who knows why he took his whole wallet with about $50 in he had just earned from Hubs after Middle Son said he needed money for some upcoming events like some movies out with friends and a girl's birthday dinner.  Our son had worked an entire day for Hubs, cleaning out a workshop and organizing every single item down to paint buckets and nails.

At the skatepark are lockers and you would bring your own lock (which is what he has done in the past if he brought a camera and filmed friends.  But he and his friend used a metal stacked locker to keep our son's wallet and both of their phones....and repeatedly went to the locker--which is in plain site--to look at phone.  Then he went to locker and the wallet was completely gone.  Gone with his hard earned cash.  It broke my heart for him.  I knew it was a lesson he had to learn.  We came up with a plan of tasks to earn more money.

And then I had to take him one morning to the Driver's Vehicle place at 7:15 a.m. to get another Driver's Permit.  Looking forward to sleeping in next week.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Twelve Days of Christmas - Full Cold Moon

You may have heard that there were two winners of the huge lottery last night and one ticket was sold in Atlanta.  Unfortunately it was not our ticket and so as usual I will be logging into my laptop in a few minutes to start my work day.  I will be taking a lot of days off the next two weeks.  Yay!!!! 

I have a lot to say every day so I blog in my head and my heart but I feel conflicted with teenagers -- so much to say about them, but what should I share and what is not cool to share?  I think about that a lot.

I gave the boys the heads up a month in advance that Sunday, 12/15 was our family day to see Santa.  yes--our tradition requires an annual photo that I treasure.  We have the routine down: we leave the house at 8:30.  This time we had to coordinate that Middle Son had Driver's Ed at the high school at 2:00 so we left my car at the high school and then he drove the family Suburban to the mall (yes, our 10th grader drove to have Santa photos. I sit in the back with the 12th grader and 7th grader).

As usual we were first in line....we parents do have the decency to be efficient with our tradition.  I had a feeling this Santa would be different than last year's and he was, but just as jovial.  I even brought last year's photo as I liked how the boys stood--they are too big to sit and Youngest advised us he was tired of being the one to sit on his lap.

After we get the photo done and the usual two 5x7's paid for, I get a huge smile on my face.  And then we shop for clothes for the boys and as teens, new clothes make them very happy.  After shopping we have lunch out and are done.

It is one of those years where the boys didn't have one particular item they wanted for Christmas.  There is nothing under the tree right now.  I will box and bag their new clothes and there are a few things on the way from Amazon.  I told the boys I would like to do some things together with them over the holiday break.....but I do of course feel anxious that as of 12/18 I am not ready with gifts.

But maybe that is how it is supposed to me for our "pocketbook" since Son #2 will be added to our auto insurance in one month (which doubled the cost 1.5 years ago when Son #1 was added).

I hope you are where you want to be on this day one week from Christmas!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday in the Kitchen and a Full Beaver Moon

We have a ritual on Sundays where Hubs will go get the Sunday paper at the store and bring home bagels sometimes.  I cook a big breakfast and we read the paper--he still insists on reading a Sunday newspaper.  So there I am making bacon and he says to me:

Hubs: Didn't you once tell me about that blogger who lives on a ranch somewhere out west?

Me: thinking to myself that he could be a little more specific said "Um, what?"

Hubs: With red hair?  Ree?  She is on the cover of the Parade Magazine.

Me: Oh yeah, a cattle ranch and now she has a food show but I swear her recipes are nothing different than what I cook all the time for you guys.  But you know what I like about her?  Her beauty she once had is fading away, like me.  Her jaw and neck is soft and she hasn't changed her face with surgery.

Hubs: Not yet any way.

*          *          *          *     

......Not the answer I would have liked.

I made one of my night time trips to the grocery store tonight.  On the way back home I was driving a little slower than normal.  I was deep in thought of what to write in my blog today, and wanting to mention the Full Beaver Moon and all the nature in our 'hood with hawks and foxes and deer.  

Then a deer leaped from the right side of the road, ran in front of my car, for a second, so fast, and so close I could see all the markings in its fur, just a few inches from the hood of my car, and it disappeared to my left.  It scared me so bad I almost pulled over.  If my husband was home when I pulled in our driveway a few minutes later I would have cried when I told him.  But he was out doing driving practice with Middle Son.

Sometimes I feel sad, but sometimes when I miss hitting a doe which would have flipped on top of my car hood had I hit it, I feel very lucky.  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Conversation with my High School Senior

It's Back-to-School here and I rise now again at 6:30 a.m. to see the 12th grader and the 10th grader off before they leave the house for school.  Hubs leaves ten minutes later.  Peaceful coffee time.....

Then I get this text from Oldest Son:

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red, White and Blue Nails

I don't really have red, white and blue nails in honor of the 4th of July, but who knows--by tonight I might.

Years ago, before kids, I used to paint my nails red or pink or tangerine.  Or French tips.  Last year, having purged many bottles of nail polish, I just had a few colors I would have on my toes (I do always have color on my toes) but for fingernails I only used clear or maybe the occasional pale shell pink.

But lately I have been taking an interest in my fingernails.  Maybe it is because it is a part of my body that still looks good?  Anyway, Hubs uses You Tube videos to learn how to fix something around the house and one day I looked for videos to show how to do a multi-color technique I saw in some Cover-Girl ad in a magazine.  I found several videos that showed how you first paint your nails a pale shade close to white, and then you get a make-up sponge --the kind shaped like a triangle--and you paint your choice of two or three nail polish stripes onto the sponge and then dab on your nail.  A layer of clear afterwards improves the look.  I later became the cool aunt on a FL trip, demonstrating this technique.  Here is one look:

So I have been buying nail polish in funky colors now (for when I am not visiting a client) and I now have blue and green.  Here is what I did with the blue.  Also, You Tube video girl had "squared off" nails so now I do that too instead of more rounded:

So maybe this is my new hobby now.  Painting my face isn't the same anymore.  I am ashamed that I was doing the walk/jog/run routine in March and that tapered off and I love long skirts that fold down at the waist now......   I took some selfies at the beach and found out that for all future photos I must raise my head as in the shot below.  Either that or I am going to strategically place my hand/fingernails in front of my neck.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day (Mayday)

Stepping back into my blog, I took a look at at site I like called Earth Sky to see exactly how many full moons I have missed talking about on my blog.  It has been two full moons since I last blogged but what caught my eye on the site was an entry about how today is May Day.

I read this article about why we celebrate May Day  and I was transported back to 7th grade when I attended an all-girls school.  This school had decades of traditions and one was a May Day celebration which included girls in spring dresses dancing around a May pole, creating a beautiful pattern on it with ribbons they held. 

So, May Day is halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice, and I never knew it was an ancient astronomical celebration.

I have been busy, stressed, worn-out (but no travels--it's other stuff), hot-flashed and plagued with high-anxiety but not without reasons.  Master shower leaking Fiasco!  A college visit with Eldest!  Taxes!  Clients Whining! Gravity Attacking and Weight-Gaining Going on!  Messy Boys!  Underwater House Refinanced!  Two Teen Drivers!

But now it is May 1st and am past a few hurdles and ready to show a little attention to myself.    Good things used to happen in May.

Happy May Day!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Birds and Bees Talk -- 11th Grade Style

Last weekend I was sitting at the table alone eating some lunch and our 11th grade son was close by in the kitchen putting together a sandwich and out of the blue he tells me about a 12th grade boy he hangs with now.  They are on the same sports team and sometimes gives him rides to get some food or back to my son's car after they have practice.

Son to me: "So Clay and I stopped by this fast food place to eat and he saw a server there who he used to know.  A couple years ago she was mad at him for not going out with her and for revenge she told her parents that he raped her.  She even had bruises on her arms she must have done herself and Clay had to get a lawyer that his dad knew.  He didn't do any of that."

Me, in my head: (WHAT ON EARTH??!!)

As parents you can relay and advise your kids on situations but I am seeing that this cerebral son of mine learns best and thinks about things that happen in conversations with other people and maybe not so much his parents.

So about this Clay person who is in 12th grade and who we have never even seen because they play a sport that is not a spectator all honesty this is a very fishy story to me.  Without knowing either of these two people, I side with the girl and my teen son believes his friend.

What young girl is going to tell her parent(s) that a named boy raped her and go through court unless it happened?  And what boy feels the need to tell my son everything he told him just because he happened to see this girl working there?  I asked my son, "If you didn't know this girl at all (he didn't--she goes to other school and may even be out of school now) why would Clay sit there and tell you everything about something that happened a while ago with this situation?"

This led to a discussion about what is date rape so we discussed that--how years ago no one would believe that someone who is dating or even married to someone could be raped.  That is when my son clarified they weren't even dating.  The whole story sort of baffled me.  But it did lead to a Very Good discussion between us.  And also has left me biased that this boy is not innocent.  An opinion formed on someone I never met, and I am sure I will meet him one day soon.  And thoughts of his parents....and us as parents.  With three children I have learned to never assume certain things I have heard about of other kids could never happen to my kid.

I do appreciate that this item was such on his mind--trying to process all of it--that he shared it with me out of the blue.  And then he continued with a different story.  He told me that when he was working at that restaurant (the one that hated to pay its busboys) there was a dishwasher who was in his early 20's and he told my son that when he was 18 his girlfriend was 17.  The girlfriend's parents got mad and pressed charges that he was 18 and having sex with their 17 yr old daughter.  So now this guy has a record as a sex offender.  My son said, "And it was consensual."

!!!!  Again my son hears about an incident that we could have told him about but he didn't "process it" until he heard it from a peer right in front of him.  So that led to another good conversation about how this is true about the age thing and right or wrong, that could happen, which is why when you make a choice to do something, you have to ask yourself--what is the worst thing that can happen.

Of course as soon as I could I relayed everything to Hubs, probably when he was in the shower, where so many of our conversations take place.  He was dubious of Clay's story too and a little while later I heard him asking our son questions of his own.

It would be so hard to not have Hubs to share in raising these boys.  There is always something going on.  There is always a lot to talk about.
 (sometimes I think about what different stories I would have if I blogged back when they were this little).